Why choose us?

13 Reasons Why to Choose US:

  1. Initial Consultation is FREE;
  2. We offer fast turnaround times;
  3. We guarantee senior staff involvement throughout and you will be dealing with the same person, saving you time to introduce yourself and your business to different people in the firm again;
  4. We are happy to arrange late night appointments to accommodate your needs;
  5. We offer you a peace of mind from knowing that your returns and obligations are safely and professionally performed by your advisers;
  6. We translate numbers and difficult accounting terms into simple English to help you understand and manage your business better;
  7. We will look after your tax bill, as if it was our own and will make sure that all the allowances, tax credits and available reliefs are utilised to minimise your tax liability as much as possible;
  8. We will deal with Revenue on your behalf and take away the stress and worry from you;
  9. We have proven track record in successful dealings with Revenue auditors;
  10. We can also offer our services in Russian and Latvian Languages;
  11. Fixed price agreements available – no surprises;
  12. Flexible payment options;
  13. Up to 35% discount to new clients.

Your initial consultation is Free. Contact us today.